May 4, 2010


In 1974 Tiffany& Co. introduced the designs of Elsa Peretti to the world.
"I hate that impeccable, perfectly perfect look, all matched and prearranged" "Style is to be simple."she said. Her creations for Tiffany &Co. are fluid and seamless - most of them inspired by nature.
Elsa Peretti takes familiar shapes and transform them into universal forms of beauty. Her designs are quintessentially simple yet so eloquent. Their sensuous contours make them one with the body.
Elsa Peretti collections for Tiffany&Co:
bottle pendant, bean, apple, butterfly, teardrop, comma, charms, stars, sphere, amapola, diamond on silk, diamonds by the yard, pearls by the yard, spinkle, feathers, snakes, silk whip, bone cuff, bubble rings, scorpion, freeform, round, quadrifoglio, wave, open wave, starfish, doughnut, almond, aegean, claw, lacquer bangles, mesh, mesh diamonds, rosary, cross, zodiac, open heart, full heart, rock crystal bottle, eternal circle, sevillana, buckles, belts…. Lacquered bamboo little purse, campana, bean minaudiere, saddle clutch…pen, lighter, glasses, paperweight, moneyholder, cardholder, bone candlestick, home accessories, pitchers, thumbprint, men accessories, baby accessories, padova table sets, frames, hair accessories….


  1. I have a snake belt with no tiffany stamp and the head is somewhat different, any info on this piece?

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