Dec 22, 2010


Tiffany new store opening in Barcelona 
at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Paseo de Gracia, 38-40 

a huge Tiffany blue box welcome the guests

Elsa Peretti
with Michael J. Kowalski (right) President Tiffany&Co.
with Melvyn Kirtley, President Tiffany&Co Europe
and Raffaella Banchero, Vice President Tiffany&Co Europe

Posters displaying Elsa jewels and memorabilia
Elsa jewels display
Elsa objects window
Elsa jewels display

Elsa jewels window

inside the new store

(courtesy ElObservadorSolitario)

Dec 21, 2010


Pochi giorni fa si √® tenuta, nelle Sale del Quirinale, la manifestazione per l'assegnazione del premio "Credere nella Ricerca" 2010. 

Elsa Peretti, Presidente della "Fondazione Nando Peretti" intitolata al padre, ha avuto l'onore di essere personalmente ricevuta dal Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano, che le ha consegnato il prestigioso riconoscimento per l'impegno profuso in importanti iniziative di solidarietà.

"Credere nella Ricerca" Prize 2010
Elsa Peretti, President of "Nando Peretti Foundation" named after her father, had the honor to meet Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who gave her the prestigious prize in relation to activity in important solidarity initiatives  supported by the Foundation.

Elsa Peretti incontra il Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano
al Quirinale in occasione dell'assegnazione dell'importante riconoscimento per il 2010.
Mrs Elsa Peretti and Mr. Giorgio Napolitano Italian President 
at the Quirinale in Rome 
Stefano Palumbo
direttore "Fondazione Nando Peretti"
Mr. Stefano Palumbo
"Nando Peretti Foundation" Director

 per conoscere meglio l'operato della "Fondazione Nando Peretti"
visitate il sito qui

visit "Nando Peretti Foundation" site here

(courtesy ElObservadorSolitario)

Dec 18, 2010


s o     p u r e

from top
wave crystal box
round pendant
teardrop pendant
starfish pendant
openheart pendant
star pendant

all in hand carved rock crystal on sterling silver chains

cabochon ring  with hand carved rock crystal
 on 18k yellow gold

©Elsa Peretti Tiffany&Co.

Dec 14, 2010


Sculpted to a sensual perfection
the magic form retains its mysterious allure
for all time.

The Round Pendant

from left:
Black jade on 18k gold mesh chain
Sterling silver on silk cord
Lapislazuli on 18k gold mesh chain
18k gold on silk cord

©Elsa Peretti Tiffany&Co.

Dec 10, 2010


click on the page to read it
Elsa Peretti. A living legend.

Harper's Bazaar Spain
December 2010 issue

Dec 1, 2010

the scent bottle

Elsa Peretti Parfume
Rock Crystal scent-bottle, the body carved out of a single piece of stone, 
curved in shape to echo a bean, with separate stopper.

This bottle was designed and made in 1981 to hold an eighth of an ounce of Elsa Peretti's perfume, 
which she had worked on for four years. 
One thousand examples were carved and numbered 
in conjunction with the launch of the perfume.
Peretti's hardstone carving is all done by Chinese carvers in Hong Kong. 
The Chinese have long excelled in the carving of hardstones. 
Peretti's scent-bottle echoes the Chinese hardstone snuff-bottle, made to be held in the hand, 
exquisitely decorated and highly prized in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Rock crystal showing the stages in carving a scent-bottle: 
lump of rough unhewn crystal.  
outline shape with beginning of hollow for perfume.  
shape with slight curve.  
neck cut down from upper edge.  
stopper in rough shape.  
stopper with outline in progress.  
completed scent-bottle.

©Elsa Peretti Tiffany&Co.
(courtesy The British Museum)